Lunes, Setyembre 12, 2011

Planning the Bachelorette Party Menu

Most bachelorette parties involve food in some way. Whether going to a restaurant to eat, having the party catered, or doing a pot luck, eating is a great way to get the party started. Consider the theme of the bachelorette party when thinking about the food. Consider vegetarian party finger foods.

When organizing the party, the planner needs to consider the bride-to-be's taste, but also the guests. When going to a restaurant, it is good to choose a restaurant that offers a variety of options. After all, there may be people at the party with special dietary requirements such as those who are dieting, have diabetes, are vegetarian or vegan, or who have food allergies. If the invitations are sent out soon enough, special dietary requirements may be given to the planner when responding and she can then go from there to plan the menu.
Of course, if the bride-to-be is set on going to her favorite restaurant and it only serves a certain type of food, be sure to notify the guests. They may want to eat beforehand then just munch on something small at the party.

If the party is being held at a place other than a restaurant, food will need to be provided, but the diets of others should still be considered when planning the menu. If it is being catered, see if there is a vegetarian plate available or one that is low in fat and/or calories. The menu can be simple or elaborate, based on what the bride would like and the budget for the party. The planner may also want to take into account the party activities. If the party is merely a gathering of family and friends, a heavy meal may be more appropriate. But, if the party is going to go out for the night for some type of activity, the planner may want to keep the menu simple.

If planning a pot luck dinner for the bachelorette party, the planner needs to know what everyone is bringing. This can prevent duplicate or triplicate items as well as let know what else may need to be covered, such as a bread or dessert. Regardless, the planner should not be the only one responsible for setting up the food and cleaning up afterwards - she wants to have a good time as well! Others should offer to help make sure everything is set up properly before the party starts and that everything is cleaned up after the party.

There are many different types of menus that can be planned. Something simple like grilled chicken, beef, potatoes, and vegetables make a nice easy meal that makes for a relatively easy clean up. Even simpler is a variety of sandwiches (don't forget a vegetarian option) with chips and raw vegetables with dips. A party with great finger foods such as wings, pinwheels, cheese balls, meatballs, dips, raw vegetables, and sausage balls is usually always a hit. Don't forget the drinks either. This should also include a variety such as a punch, soft drinks, tea, and water for those trying to cut out the caffeine.

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